Respiratory Illness Activity Dashboard

The Respiratory Illness Activity Dashboard is updated every Wednesday with the latest data on respiratory illness activity in the region. This dashboard presents trends in cases reported to public health, hospitalizations, wastewater surveillance, syndromic surveillance, as well as vaccination progress. Facility Outbreaks can be found in the Outbreak Bulletin.

Click here to view the Respiratory Illness Activity Dashboard on its own page.

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This dashboard allows the user to explore key health indicators of the population in WDG by different age groups and sex categories. Indicators can be compared by year and among all the health units in Ontario. Data in this report comes from the Canadian Community Health Survey. Topics covered in this dashboard include health behaviours, self-rated overall health and prevalence of chronic conditions.

The Older Adult Health Status dashboards summarize what we know about the health status of older adults aged 55 years and over, who live in Wellington and Dufferin Counties. In the first part of this series of dashboards we cover topics related to demographics of older adults (including social determinants of health), population projections and life expectancy.

This dashboard allows the user to explore socio-demographic information for municipalities in WDG from the 2021 Census of Population from Statistics Canada. Topics covered in this dashboard include Education, Labour, Housing, Family Structure, Immigration, Low Income Status, Indigenous Identity, and self-reported Racialized Group Identity.

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