WDG Public Health’s Interactive Reports

WDG Public Health’s Interactive Reports

Our interactive reports showcase local data used to build healthy communities, strengthen collaboration and support local health system planning.

The interactive reports are dynamic and include data visualizations (maps, graphs, tables) to better illustrate the issues that impact the health of local residents.

You’ll find:
  • Maps that focus geographical data to better understand local patterns that impact health.
  • Demographic indicators to understand the links between social marginalization and health.
  • Health status reports looking at issues that impact the health of a community or neighbourhood.

Public Health strives to provide the quality data, analysis, surveillance and evidence-informed practice to help local agencies make decisions about program planning, service delivery and policy development.

These interactive reports will allow you to make targeted decisions. Together, we can help our communities stay well.

We encourage you to send us feedback or any questions about our data tools.